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Canteen Service

Canteen services are ensured all the year round; they provide about one million meals and offer different types of menus: low-calories, vegetarian, international, traditional and diversified meals.
Mensa Martensson: espositore

The academic community can access the catering services provided by five canteens scattered on the Campus area, in indirect management, with differentiated prices based on the students’ family income.

For students

Students from Bachelor and Single-cycle Masters Degrees, Masters Degree Courses and PhD courses can access canteen services after submitting an online request-form on the Services Portal according to the terms, conditions and prices indicated in the yearly Call.

Students can access services through the app Unical Life. For further information see the dedicated page.

Access to the canteen service is allowed upon online application to be submitted on the Service Portal according to the methods and rates.

For University staff