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Incoming students Erasmus+

The University of Calabria welcomes Erasmus+ incoming students. Read the practical information and apply on-line

Welcoming Erasmus+ incoming students

Nowadays the mobility of students represents one of the main priorities of the European Union, as a means to build up a new Europe among the people and among the cultural Institutions, further than among the economies.

In this common effort we, as the University of Calabria, are deeply involved and committed to welcoming Erasmus+ incoming students in our Institution in order to spend some time in Calabria with us.

Apply on-line

To this end, students who wish to come and visit us are invited to carefully read the information on access procedures, necessary documents to be produced and tips on practical aspects 

  • Practical information

To apply  directly please fill in the following on-line form:

  • Application form

 and also remember to fill in and send us your

  • Learning agreement