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Guest quarters

The apartments used as guest quarters are a service for all those who have a relationship with the University.
Panoramica San Gennaro

Accommodation for guests is a service provided to staff working for the University; permanent teaching, technical and administrative staff can benefit from this opportunity.
If apartments are available however, also non-permanent staff can take advantage from this service.
Apartments are also available for shorter periods for guests coming to the University to take part in conferences and events.

Tipologia servizioTariffe contratti vigenti comprensive delle spese utenzeTariffe contratti vigenti non comprensive delle spese utenzeNuove Tariffe per i nuovi contratti comprensive delle spese utenze
Monolocale€ 230,00non prevista€ 230,00
Bilocalenon prevista€ 200,00€ 250,00
Trilocalenon prevista€ 250,00€ 300,00
Quadrilocalenon prevista€ 300,00€ 350,00
Plurilocalenon prevista€ 350,00€ 400,00


Socrates Residence

The Socrates Residence, surrounded by the green countryside, is the ideal accommodation solution for staff occasionally residing at the University of Calabria.

Accommodation services of the Socrates Residences can be accessed by University staff and occasional visitors on Campus.



Servizio Foresteria
Referente: Sig.ra Dina IMBROGNO
Edificio Centro Residenziale - Unical
Da Lunedì al Venerdì dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 12:00
Residenza Socrates
0984.495240 - 3456189107
Via A. Savinio - Unical
Residential Center
Residential Center Building - Unical
From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00