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Educational offering 2023-2024

A selection of 82 courses in the following fields: science, engineering and technology, medical health, socioeconomics, humanities and educator and teacher training. 

The educational offering for the academic year 2023-2024 is the result of continuous updating of contents and teaching methods to achieve a student-centred education approach.

Surf the internet to read the online brochure with bachelor's and single-cycle (5- or 6-year) master's degree courses for high school graduates, and master's degree courses (2 year) for college graduates. 

The UniCal educational offering also includes 10 international degree programs in English.

  • L – Bachelor's degree
  • LM – Master's degree (2 years)
  • LM5 – Single-cycle master's degree (5 years)
  • LM6 – Single-cycle master's degree (6 years)
  • EnglishCourse delivered in English
  • ItalianEnglishCourse with curriculum delivered in English
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