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Research infrastructures

Unical is investing in large infrastructures with an inter-disciplinary nature that are in line with regional, national and European initiatives.

Since its establishment, the University of Calabria has been committed to organizing a research system based on skilled staff and up-to-date labs in the field of enabling technologies.

Starting from the national programming 2007-2013 and thanks to a coordinated action of the University, the institution has launched large projects of Research Infrastructures (RI) in the field of technology of materials and biomaterials by means of the initiative Materials, Technologies and Advanced Research - MaTeRiA/STAR – of environmental monitoring technologies with the university project System of Integrated Labs for the Environment - SILA and in the agri-food sector by participating in the Regional Network for the Agri-food Research with some inter-departmental labs.

The set of research labs of these RI is an outstanding example of how the University has developed inter-departmental structures, in collaboration with all the Departments of the technical and scientific area, capable of integrating research and services on issues of great technological, economic and social impact.

The RI MaTeRiA/STAR, that is already included in the European strategy for regional-based centers has as its core an advanced X ray source for high-resolution and tri-dimensional imaging for the investigation of materials ranging from the cultural heritage to the biomedical field.

The RI SILA is an efficient integrated system of labs and research infrastructures for the provision of scientific and technological services aimed at the monitoring, control and protection of the environment, for the mitigation of natural hazards, the characterization and treatment of pollutants, waste water and waste as well as health protection.

Morevoer, Unical participates in the Agri-food Research Network set up between Calabrian Universities and the Terina Foundation. This network, aims at the sustainable development of agriculture and agri-food chains in the Mediterranean area with its two labs working in the characterization and qualification of products from small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-food sector.

STAR Beamline 2


STAR - Southern Europe Thomson Back-Scattering Source for Applied Research, is a national research infrastructure that provides advanced scientific investigation services in all fields of materials science.

Laboratorio analisi SILA


A research infrastructure that provides resources and services aimed at monitoring, controlling and protecting the environment

Esterno laboratori infrastrutture di ricerca

Agri-food research network

The University is home to two research Laboratories of the network: Quality, Safety and Origin of Food (QUASIORA) and the Laboratory for the Engineering of Food Processing in Calabria (LIPAC).