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Agri-food research network

Agri-food Research Network

The University is home to two research Laboratories of the network: Quality, Safety and Origin of Food (QUASIORA) and the Laboratory for the Engineering of Food Processing in Calabria (LIPAC).

The QUASIORA lab (Qualità Sicurezza e Origine degli Alimenti) is specialized in the assessment of fundamental and specific properties of food by means of new technological platforms that are based on mass spectrometry methodologies for the quality control, safety and traceability of food.

The main mission of the lab is to provide the SMEs in the agri-food sector, specializing in the production of typical products, with tools and methodologies for the qualification and certification of their agri-food products.

The LIPAC lab (Laboratorio di Ingegneria dei Processi Alimentari in Calabriadeals with the study and modeling of industrial processes in the agri-food sector and of processed food, starting from raw materials and ingredients to the final product that is then displayed on consumers’ tables.

The LIPAC approach is based on the physical modeling of product and process and it allows – on one side – to develop innovative food possessing the desired features, while – on the other – it permits to design innovative processes that lead to the production of new products, thus avoiding (or limiting) the "trial and error" empirical activity, that is often adopted in the agri-food industry, where modeling of processes is frequently neglected.

The QUASIORA and LIPAC laboratories were developed in 2009 under a framework agreement for the research in the agri-food sector signed between the Calabrian universities and the Regional Government of Calabria.

The two initiatives have worked over the years and applied the results of the research carried out on local products and processes. An example is the characterization of the properties of bergamot, the traceability of the production of tomato sauce or cedar growing, as well as the development of spreadable olive-oil.

The experience of the two labs has become part of the Agri-food Research Network that combines the equipment and know-how of Università MediterraneaUniversità Magna Graecia, University of Calabria and Fondazione Terina. It has also been identified as a network infrastructure in the Regional Plan for Research Infrastructures (project AGRINFRA Calabria). The reinforcement of the Network was financed in 2019 by the POR Calabria 2014-2020.


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