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SILA - Integrated System of Environmental Laboratories

A research infrastructure that provides resources and services aimed at monitoring, controlling and protecting the environment

SILA - Integrated System of Environmental Laboratories is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research infrastructure of University of Calabria (UNICAL), which develops projects and research activities in order to provide scientific and technological services of monitoring, controlling and protecting the environment. 

SILA is made up of 17 laboratories that contribute to the provision of scientific and technological services carrying out research on:

  • hydrogeological risk analysis and mitigation;
  • seismic risk analysis and mitigation;
  • chemistry, technologies and processes for the characterization, treatment and valorisation of pollutants, effluents and waste;
  • biodiversity, ecosystems and human health in relation to the environment and natural and anthropogenic risks;
  • marine environment: protection and enhancement of resources;
  • services for monitoring, modeling and advanced sensors to support environmental problems

SILA, as research infrastructure is structured as an interconnected system of laboratories.

Organizzazione dei laboratori di SILA 2.0

The line laboratories represent the core of the SILA project for the provision of technological and research services: Hydraulic Models (GMI), Laboratory of Environmental Cartography and Hydrogeological Modeling (CAMI Lab), Seismology, Materials and Structures Tests (LPMS), Marine Laboratory, Technological Hall on Pollution (HTI), Omic Platform.

The transversal (or system) laboratories carry out research activities in the sectors of their own competence providing scientific and technological services, aimed outside and towards the line laboratories: Microscopy and Microanalysis (CM2), Informatics and robotics for the environment (LIRA), Artificial Intelligence (LAIA), MicroWAVE and Antennas for Sensing and diagnostics (ERMIAS LAB – ex MicroWAVELab ElectRomagnetics), Nanoelectronics and Microsystems (LNM - ex NEMS).

The niche laboratories operate in the research field through a very advanced level of specialization and contribute in a strictly connected way to the activities of the line laboratories, to which they provide their scientific and technological services as well as collaboration in joint research projects: Intervention management in environmental emergencies (GICEA), Geotechnics, Computer Aided Telephone Interview – Multimediale (CATI), Structural Monitoring, structural Advanced materials, structural Rehabilitation (SMART Lab), Numerical modeling for hydraulic protection (LAMPIT).

Levels of quality, methods of access and contact for all SILA laboratories and services

The SILA research infrastructure has adopted its own Service Charter which defines the quality levels of its services, access modes and contacts.

The Charter is approved by the competent academic bodies and is updated taking into account both new needs and user reports or complaints. It is subject to annual review.

For each laboratory, the Service Charter defines:

  • Name of the laboratory
  • Description
  • Scientific director (with contacts)
  • Target users
  • List of services (title and description)
  • Timeliness, Transparency, Continuity indicators
  • Useful links

SILA - Integrated System of Environmental Laboratories is an organization that provides resources and services for research communities to conduct research and foster innovation.

Established in 2012 and funded by National Operational Programme for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, progressively, strengthened and expanded its structure, its scientific equipment and teams through the European funds POR and PAC Calabria 2014-2020.

Nowadays, with its fully equipped 17 laboratories, involving over 160 researchers in 8 Departments, placed between the Technological Polo (Technological Pole) and Departments of the University of Calabria (UNICAL), SILA acts in order to accelerate scientific achievements and promote sustainable research.


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