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History and Architecture
The surrounding area
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The area

The Campus is close to a lively urban area and surrounded by top-level natural and cultural resources.
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The local context

UniCal Campus is located among the green hills of Arcavacata and connected to a wide urban area that encompasses Cosenza, Rende and several other towns that represents one of the most modern and lively areas of the South of Italy.

Rende and Cosenza, the two main towns, offer a modern system of services and host a large number of shops and commercial business.

In the evening the urban area has a busy social life and several leisure activities are organized, such as concerts and events.

The cultural offering includes movies and theatrical performances created by institutions and associations that organize cultural events all-year-round.

Public and private institutions preserve and convey the cultural history of the territory.

The museums in Cosenza (Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Arnone, Il Museo diocesano, The BoCs Art Museum – the Monumental Complex of San Domenico, the Museum of the Brettians and Oenotrians, and the Planetarium) along with the Museum System of Rende (The Museum of Contemporary Art Bilotti, the MAON – the Museum of the 19th and 20th Century, and theMuseo del Presente) host works of great artistic value and organize various initiatives to preserve the cultural heritage of the area and stimulate artistic production and experimentation.

The Campus is located in a strategic position, in a valley surrounded by old villages, among cultivated fields, with several agritourism and farmhouses, as well as wellness and relax facilities concerned about environmental sustainability.

Two extraordinary natural parks and two seas are a few tens of kilometers away from the Campus: the Tyrrhenian sea in the west, and the Ionian Sea, along with the Sibari plain, in the north-east; the Pollino Massif and the Natural Park lie in the north while the largest upland of Europe and the Sila National Park are located in the east of the region.