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LM-63 Master’s degree in Sciences of the Public Administrations

Coordinator: Prof. Vincenzo FORTUNATO
Tel. 0984 49 2534

Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Giampaolo GERBASI
Tel. 0984 49 2208

Information desk - Tel. 0984 49 3253
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The Master’s degree in Sciences of the Public Administrations is the continuation of the Bachelor’s degree course in Administrative Sciences, integrating skills and knowledge related to the organisation, planning and management of complex public and private organisations, but also to the evaluation and management of policies and intervention. For the academic year 2020/2021, there are 85 places available, 5 of which are reserved for international students from outside the EU.

In particular, the Master's degree in Sciences of the Public Administrations provides advanced and specialised education in the organisational, administrative, institutional and public policy fields. The course aims to train experts in organisational and management processes, as professionals able to hold positions as officials, functionaries and managers in public, private and third sector organisations. This involves the development of critical knowledge, use of qualitative and quantitative empirical methodologies, as well as multidisciplinary knowledge. Such knowledge and methods are functional to the growth of the structural, functional and institutional capacity of modern public administrations, to the circulation of knowledge between public and private sectors and to the development of multi-level (local, national, supranational) organisational structures.

The Master’s degree course is organised in two ways: by learning areas (juridical-institutional; statistical-quantitative; economic-organisational; socio-political) and by key themes (decision-making and organisational processes). To these fundamental activities are added modules in English language and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applied to the functioning of administrations as equally relevant and complementary skills.

In order to encourage undergraduates and graduates to familiarise themselves with the world of work and professions, curricular internships are provided within organisations, institutions and companies operating in the territories. The internship is an important first form of socialisation in the world of work and allows students to apply the knowledge they have learned.

The Master’s degree course also offers an international double degree course in “Sciences of Public Administrations” and in Gestión y Administración Publica with the University of Jaén, in Spain. At the end of their two-year study, students will receive both degrees by studying one year abroad, corresponding to 60 university credits (CFU).

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