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A list of hotels, university residences and B&B’s is available on the Conference website: each hotel and residence can be easily located on the map on the same web page; a PDF printout indicates prices for Single Room (“Camera Singola”), Double room (“Camera doppia” i.e. twin beds; or “Camera matrimoniale”), Triple room (“Camera tripla”), Double room for one person (“Camera doppia uso singola” or “singola occupazione”) and Apartments (“Appartamento”).

Accommodation options, all with contact details for booking and further info, are divided according to location:

1) in Quattromiglia, the part of Rende which lies between the railway station “Castiglione Cosentino” and the campus; it’s very conveniently connected with trains and within walking distance (20 minutes) from the conference venue. A wide choice of restaurants and bars is available. Local busses will take you to Cosenza and to the University.

2) in Other areas of Rende: you will need public transport to reach trains and university.

3) on Campus: there are two residences on campus, one (Socrates) has single and double rooms and has simple but full service (no breakfast), one (Monaci) is extremely cheap and you will make your own bed with sheets and blankets provided by the residence; no breakfast is provided, and bookings must be made by June 14th. The campus is a bit isolated, and you will have to walk to Quattromiglia or to the restaurant indicated on the map to get some food and fun.

4) in Cosenza: you are in a proper city with all amenities, but will have to take a bus to University (running every half hour or less, and taking about 25 minutes to reach the University).

Please always mention “Convegno SISP – Società Italiana di Scienza Politica, Università della Calabria” when contactino hotels and B&B's in order to ensure the tariffs indicated on our website.


Reaching UNICAL

All information in Italian is on the “Arrivi e Partenze” webpage.

 An agreement has been made with a travel agency called TopClass: by emailing eventi@topclassturismo.com and including “Convegno SISP 2015” in the object field, you can book a driver to come and pick you up at Lamezia Airport or Paola Station and take you directly to your accommodation or the Campus for 20€ (and 1 hour) or 16€ (40 minutes) respectively. Same on departure.

By train: Arriving in Paola Station you can book a driver with TopClass to take you to UNICAL or to your accommodation; or you can take a regional train from Paola to Castiglione Cosentino station which is where the Quattromiglia hotels are and 25 minutes walk (or a bus ride) to the University; or travel to Cosenza station, which however is not well connected to either Cosenza city centre or the University. Information on train times is available here.

By plane: You can reach Lamezia International Airport with a number of national and international flights, then 1) take a TopClass drive to Unical or your accommodation; 2) take a (very cheap) coach to Cosenza (see table on the Italian webpage “Arrivi e Partenze”: coaches with a star also run on Sunday); 3) take a shuttle bus to Lamezia Centrale station and then a train to Unical (see above).

By car: on motorway A3, take the exit COSENZA NORD for the campus, COSENZA for Cosenza city centre.

By coach: some companies have direct trips from major Italian and European cities directly to Cosenza city centre (“Autostazione” – Bus station): check their website, it’s cheap although time-consuming – Sai, IAS, Lavalle e SIMET .


Need more information?

More info will be published soon on local transport between Cosenza, Quattromiglia and the Campus; on canteen and other services for the days of the conference; also, some excursions and trips for Saturday afternoon (Sep. 12th) and for overnight stays into Sunday morning (Sep. 13th) will soon be available for booking.

If you need more information on the logistics of your trip to UNICAL for the SISP conference please contact giulio.citroni@unical.it.