Prof. Milena Lopreite



Milena Lopreite


Academic Discipline



Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance "Giovanni Anania" - DESF University of Calabria

Ponte Pietro Bucci, Cubo 0/C - 1st floor

87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS) - Italy


Tel.: +39 0984 492410

e-mail: milena.lopreite@unical.it

Research Activities
  • Factors affecting the gap between citizens’ perception and reality in the Italian covid-19 outbreak (with S. De Rosis, M.Puliga and M. Vainieri)

  • Early warning of COVID-19 outbreak in Europe from social media data (with M.Puliga, M.Riccaboni and P. Panzarasa)

  • The Italian electricity market and the effect of coronavirus macroeconomic shock: A BVAR analysis.

  • The Italian energy market through the lens of the marketing campaigns (with M. Puliga)

  • New tools for the analysis of monetary policy: Independent component analysis and Bayesian VARs to evaluate macroeconomic shocks of unconventional monetary policies (with A.Moneta)

  • The effects of the recession on the Italian Labour Market: a B-VAR analysis on the layoffs (with S. Bruni)

  • Network discovery with active node classification: a case for non governal organizations (with M.Puliga and M. Riccaboni)

  • Estimating the multiplier of the government spending shocks in Europe (with G.Fontana, R. Realfonzo and A. Viscione)

  • Ownership and Control: An analysis of trends and movements in the worldwide panorama (with E. Brancaccio and M.Puliga)









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