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Mariarosaria AGOSTINO

Associate Professor

Mariarosaria Agostino

Associate Professor

Academic Discipline



Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance "Giovanni Anania" - DESF University of Calabria Ponte Pietro Bucci, Cubo 1/C 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS) - Italy


Tel.: +39 0984 492447

e-mail: m.agostino@unical.it

Research Activities
  • Imports, Productivity and Global Value Chains: A European Firm-Level Analysis (con Giunta A., Scalera D. e Trivieri F.)

  • Channelling the effect of institutions on TFP changes. An empirical investigation on the Italian manufacturing industry (con Nifo A., Trivieri F. e Vecchione G.)

  • Institutions and firm creation in the European regions (con Nifo A., Trivieri F. e Scalera M.)

  • Rule of Law, Government Effectiveness and Firms’ Productivity in the Regions of Europe (con Di Tommaso M., Rubini L; Nifo A., e Trivieri F.)

  • Local institutions and cooperative banks’ efficiency (con Ruberto S. e Trivieri F.)

  • External knowledge flows and innovation capacity in the Italian service industries (con Donati C. e Trivieri F.)



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