Department of
Economics, Statistics and Finance "Giovanni Anania"


Department of Economics,
Statistics and Finance

University of Calabria
Ponte Pietro Bucci, Cubo 0/C
87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS) - Italy

Head: Prof. Maria DE PAOLA
Phone + 39 0984/492459
Fax + 39 0984-492421


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The Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance dates back to 1972, which is the birth-year of the University of Calabria and was initially called Department of Political Economy. During the last two decades its scientific areas in statistics and finance were growing fast to induce the Department to update its official name. The Department offers two Bachelor Degree Courses such as Bachelor Degree Course in Economics and Bachelor Degree in Statistics for Business (former Statistics for Business and Insurance) and three Master Degree Courses such as Master Degree in Economics and Trade (former Applied Economics), Master Degree in Statistics and Informatics for Decisions and Market Analysis (former Statistics and Informatics for Business and Finance) and Master Degree in Finance and Insurance.
Students and researchers enrolled at the Department are served by the Interdepartmental Library of Economics and Social Sciences, that owns about 190.000 volumes and 4.500 electronic journals and scientific databases. It is a computer-based and self-service library.
Because of the standard of its services, the good relationship between students and teachers, the great number of graduates, and the high quality of research, the Department has a solid position positions as regards the survey about the Italian universities carried out by National Agency ANVUR, that evaluates the research and didactics of Italian universities.
The best graduates of the Department can participate in the selection for PhD Programme in Applied Economics and Decision Making.
The Department has various facilities that support teaching and learning activities such as computer classrooms and study classes for graduating students. Administration of the Department offers wide range of services to the students and assist them in the bureaucratic procedures, while didactic managers provide assistance in issues regarding the study process.
There are two centres that support teaching and learning activities: the Information-Statistical Sector (Settore Informatico Statistico - SIS) and the Statistical and Information Laboratory (Laboratorio Statistico-Informatico). SIS was founded in 1996 and offers statistical services to the Faculty. The centre is provided with well equipped computer classrooms and points of service called Totems.
At the moment the Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance counts 2.625 enrolled students and proposes 80 course units. Professors and researches are 44, contract lecturers are 4 and members of administrative staff is 13. Every year the Department hosts numerous visiting professors coming from all over the world to give lectures and hold seminars for students and academic staff.
The Departments, coordinating research activities, are: labour economics, banking and finance, economic policy, international trade, industrial organization, economics of innovation, development economics, growth theory, social capital, institutional economics, economic history, demography, multivariate statistics, quality control, methods and statistical techniques for analysing data of complex samples, mathematical models for scheduling algorithms, dynamic models for the economy and models of risk management for insurance and finance. The results of research are published in series of Working Papers of the Department that are available online. The department organizes monthly seminars to present and discuss results of internal research and also seminars dedicated to the specific research programs or for educational process for students from different courses of study.
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