Final Thesis and Graduation
To be admitted to the graduation session, students must earn all the credit points provided for in the program structure except for those credits of the thesis. The thesis is worth 18 credit points. The thesis should be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor on an argumet that must be approved by the Course of Study Committee not before the student has reached 69 credits.  Students must present a formal request to the Course of Study Committee by filling the provided form with the required data.
The supervisor must be one professor of the Faculty. Students may choose a supervisor not being a member of the Faculty, but this has to be approved by the Course of Study Committe and, in this case, a member of the Faculty has to supervise the thesis together with the external supervisor. Students must present a formal request to the Course of Study Committee
The final examination  consists of the defense of a thesis judged by a Committee (composed by professors of the Faculty). Notice that exam grades are on an 18-30 scale, while the final grade is on a 66-110 scale. The admission grade is the averages of the student’s exams grades converted into the 66-110 scale. Grades obtained during your studies are converted to the above scale as follows. First, calculate your weighted average as follows: each exam must be multiplied for the number of credit associated to it, and these results must be all summed up; then the result must be divided for the total number of credits of the exams. For example, suppose that You have three exams and they worth 6, 9 and 12 credits respectively, the grades are 25, 26 and 28. The weighted average is therefore calculated as follows:
(25x6+26x9+28x12)/(6+9+12)= 720/27= 26,67.
The weighted average has to be multiplied by 11 and divided by 3, and the results are rounded up to the nearest integer value. Hence, if, for example, the weighted average is 28, the admission grade will be 28x11/3=102.67,rounded to 103.
For every exam that the student passed with honors (lode), 0.33 points are added to Admission Grade. The commission can grant a maximum of 10 points to the dissertation which are added to student’s admission grade. It is not possible to receive more than 11 Extra points in total.
For any other relevant information about  deadlines and graduation rules. students are invited to contact the administrative office.
The graduation dates for a.y. 2018/2019 are the following:

-   July,18,2019, Room Seminari DESF 
-   September, 19, 2019, Aula Caldora 
-   October, 23, 2019, Aula Caldora