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Casella di testo: October 15, 2019





[15h00] Registration desk opens


[16h00] WORKSHOP: A Mediterranean where sharks, rays, skates and chimeras are valued and managed for sustainability: From Citizen science to implementation of regulation for bycatch of vulnerable sharks and rays in the Mediterranean

(chairs: Giulia Prato-WWF and Fabrizio Serena – GRIS)






Casella di testo: October 16, 2019




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[09h00] EEA Board Meeting (EEA Board members only)


[14h00] Welcome address*

Emilio Sperone (EEA 2019 Chair)

Leonard JV Compagno (President of the Scientific Committee EEA 2019)

Gino Mirocle Crisci (Rector of the University of Calabria)

Cesare Indiveri (Dean of the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences)

Rosaria Succurro (Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Cosenza)

Alex Bartolì (EEA President)




Session chairs: Maria Carmela CERRA & Sandra IMBROGNO


[15h00] Ted W. TAYLOR (Invited Speaker) - Cardiorespiratory integration in the brainstem of the dogfish, Scyliorhinus canicula, a neuranatomical and neurophysiological study*


[15h30] Kolobe MMONWA - Gut microbial community structure of hammerhead sharks from the east coast of South Africa*


[15h43] Licia FINOTTO - What’s my destiny? Reproductive impairment following fishing capture stress in an Australian Chondrichthyan, the southern fiddler ray (Trygonorrhina dumerilii)*


[15h56] Andrea BELLODI - Growth and age validation of the thornback ray in the West-Central Mediterranean basin*


[16h09] Tal STAROSTINETSKY-MALONEK - Blood Biochemistry and Hematology of Dusky Sharks (Carcharhinus obscurus) and Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea*


[16h22] David RUIZ-GARCIA - Paired-laser photogrammetry as a non-invasive technique for estimating shark body size and weight*


[16h35] Manuel DUREUIL - Re-evaluating methods to estimate growth from tagging data in elasmobranchs*


[16h48] M. Tunca OLGUNER - Distribution and length-weight relationship of four deepwater shark species from the Antalya Bay eastern Mediterranean*



[17h01] - COFFEE BREAK



[17h30] Holly Alice SHIELS (KeyNote Speaker) - The heart of the world's longest living vertebrate: the Greenland shark


[18h00] Ana VERÍSSIMO - Evolution of the vertebrate adaptive immunity – New perspectives given by Chondrichthyans as basal jawed vertebrates


[18h13] Archontia CHATZISPYROU - Morphometric analysis of the thornback ray Raja clavata (Linnaeus, 1758), from the eastern Ionian Sea


[18h26] Maria Rita PEGADO - Marine heatwaves may elicit haematological and respiratory changes in juvenile small-spotted catsharks


[18h39] Catarina P. SANTOS - Early development and physiology of a temperate shark under ocean acidification conditions


[18h52] Patrick L. JAMBURA - On the origin of the great white shark Carcharodon carcharias


[19h15] EEA Annual Meeting


[20h30] “PIZZA&BEER” Welcome Party



Casella di testo: October 17, 2019





Session chairs: Fulvio GARIBALDI & Olga MANGONI


[08h30] Roberto CARLUCCI - The ecological role of the demersal sharks and rays within the Calabrian food web of the North western Ionian Sea*


 [08h43] Aviad SCHEININ - Shark Research Hub for Dusky Sharks (Carcharhinus obscurus) and Sandbar Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) in the Easternmost Mediterranean Sea*


[08h56] Danilo MALARA - Shark attack: competitors to large pelagic predators in the Strait of Messina (central Mediterranean Sea)*


[09h09] Edgar E. BECERRIL-GARCÍA - The occurrence of white sharks during the ecotourism season in Guadalupe Island: General observations related to environmental factors*


[09h22] Nuri BAŞUSTA - A new reproduction and nursery ground for sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus: Yumurtalik Bight, Gulf of Iskenderun (northeastern Mediterranean Sea)*


[09h35] Sophie MAYCOCK - Of Shark and Men:  Data sourced from ecotourism to study the impact of environmental conditions on great white shark behavior*


[09h48] Elena TAMBURIN - Habitat use of juvenile white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) and shortfin mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) in a nursery area in the west coast of Baja California, México*


[10h01] Francisco MASCAREÑO-SUAREZ - Shark species inventory in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, using a touristic platform as methodology*


[10h14] Andre STECKENREUTER - Emerging Technologies in Acoustic Telemetry: Real-time vs. Data Storage*


[10h27] - COFFEE BREAK



[10h55] Barbara A. BLOCK (KeyNote Speaker) - Using Electronic Tags to Study Migrations, Ecology, Physiology and Conservation of Endothermic Sharks and Tunas*


[11h25] Silvia VALSECCHI - Temporal variability in whale shark (Rhincodon typus) presence in the South Ari Marine Protected Area, Maldives, Indian Ocean*


[11h38] Gaël LE CROIZIER - Mercury isotopes as tracers of ecology and metabolism in two sympatric shark species*


[11h51] Brittany FINUCCI - Improving distributional knowledge of deepwater sharks


[12h04] Juliette BIACCHI - What does the Citizen Science's program CapOeRa (Capsules d'OEufs de Raies, APECS) tell us?


[12h17] Claudia KLIMPFINGER - Labial Cartilages in Sharks – more to it than meets the eye


[12h30] Adi BARASH - Habitat use of dusky and sandbar sharks at a warm water discharge of a coastal power plant


[12h43] Francesco GARZON - Beyond Boundaries: Ecological Niche Modelling of Manta Ray Distribution in the Western Central Atlantic


[12h56] – LUNCH


[14h00] Monique VAN DE WATER - The historical occurrence of the angelshark Squatina squatina and common skate Dipturus intermedius in Dutch coastal waters


[14h13] Agostino LEONE - Population genomics of the Mediterranean and North Eastern Atlantic blue shark, Prionace glauca, and management implications*


[14h26] David JIMÉNEZ ALVARADO - Nursery areas: Key research of juvenile Angelshark (Squatina squatina) habitat in the Canary Islands*


[14h39] Eyal BIGAL - Active acoustic sampling of highly-migratory megafauna*





Session chairs: Donatella BARCA & Letizia MARSILI


[14h45] Nathan PACOUREAU - Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays*


[14h58] Guia CONSALES - Organochlorine compounds in several species of shark sampled in three different world areas*


[15h11] Francesca R. REINERO - Trace elements concentration in target tissues of a population of lesser spotted dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula) from central Mediterranean Sea*


[15h24] Laura María PANTOJA ECHEVARRÍA - Bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of Cadmium in Brown smooth-hound Mustelus henlei in Las Barrancas, Baja California Sur, Mexico*


[15h37] Claudia JUNGE - Challenging the data and status quo: the case of deepwater species in the high north – do we need dedicated elasmobranch surveys?


[15h50] Alexandre MARQUES - Using a coastal shark species as sentinel for local marine pollution biomonitoring surveys


[16h03] Tania PELAMATTI - First determination of organochlorine pollutants (OCs) in oceanic manta rays, Mobula birostris


[16h16] Alexandra DIALLO - From purse seine bycatch data to population trends: deriving an abundance index for the silky shark based on its associative behaviour with floating objects in the Indian Ocean


[16h29] Martina SAVIOLI - How shiny are shark teeth? Major element quantification in bioapatite 



[16h42] - COFFEE BREAK





[18h00] Co-Regional Vice Chair IUCN Shark Specialist Group for Mediterranean

(Session chair: Fabrizio SERENA).




[20h30] Gala dinner & Traditional EEA auction



Casella di testo: October 18, 2019





Session chairs: Luca LANTERI, Carlotta MAZZOLDI & Primo MICARELLI


[08h30] Aylin ULMAN - The fish of Turkey’s past: A recent history of disappeared species and commercial fishery extinctions for the Black and Marmara Seas*


[08h43] Jaime PENADÉS-SUAY - Bycatch of batoids in trammel nets in the Valencian region (Spanish Mediterranean): a case of unreported and unregulated fishing*


[08h56] Filippo BARGNESI - A world platform to support data collection on endangered shark species in the Mediterranean Sea*


[09h09] Ioannis GIOVOS - Preliminary evidences of illegal elasmobranch fishing in Libya*


[09h22] Farid HEMIDA - School shark (Galeorhinus galeus) stock assessment off the Algerian coast*


[09h35] Laura GARCIA BARCIA - Toxic soup: Fins from top traded shark species in Hong Kong and China found not recommended for human consumption*


[09h48] Lars JAKOBSEN - A roadmap for interesting and effective shark research communication on social media*


[10h01] Chrysoula GUBILI - High levels of mislabeling in elasmobranch meat products – Investigating species utilisation with DNA barcoding in the Mediterranean*


[10h14] Thaya Mirinda DINKEL - Involving stakeholders in the evaluation of Atlantic shark fisheries management and why they matter to sharks*


[10h27] - COFFEE BREAK


[10h55] Diana PAZMINO (Invited Speaker) - Use of genomics for applied elasmobranch conservation*


[11h25] Maria C. FOLLESA - Spatial variability of Chondrichthyes in the North Mediterranean*


[11h38] Francesco COLLOCA - Using local ecological knowledge to reconstruct trends in elasmobranch populations in the Strait of Sicily*


[11h51] Giulia PRATO - Actions towards collaboration for an improved bycatch management in the Mediterranean: conservation, communication and citizen science*


[12h04] Armelle JUNG - Data Collection and Conservation Campaign for Sawfishes (Pristidae) in Indonesia*


[12h17] Melany VILLATE-MORENO - A blank area on the map – Molecular identification and shark population dynamics: implications for conservation based on artisanal fishing*


[12h30] Francesco GARZON - Baseline assessment of the coastal elasmobranch fauna of eastern Cabo Verde using baited remote underwater video*


[12h43] Aletta BESTER-VAN DER MERWE - Shark and Ray Forensics, a conservation tool for the Western Indian Ocean region



 [12h56] - LUNCH


[14h00] Sarah FOWLER (KeyNote Speaker) - Forty-five years of shark conservation: from "Jaws" to 2019.


[14h30] Karla GARCÉS-GARCÍA - “Winners & Losers”, a vulnerability analysis of sharks, rays and chimaeras in the Gulf of California (GoC), Mexico


[14h43] Irene KINGMA - Stars Aligning -  Studying the sharks of the Saba Bank, a biodiversity hotspot in the Dutch Caribbean


[15h56] María Belén CARO - How key stakeholders can help secure the future of the Critically Endangered Angelshark


[16h09] Rebecca GILLHAM - The development of a long-standing citizen science project: The Great Eggcase Hunt


[16h22] Florencia CERUTTI - Longline fishery in a marine reserve – catching protected megafauna in the Galapagos Islands



[16h35] - COFFEE BREAK


[17h00] Ali HOOD - Mako Sharks: overfished yet overlooked. Exploring the latest advice & management opportunities


[17h13] Bruno ZAVA - Presence of Squatina oculata in Sicilian and Maltese waters


[17h26] Francesco FERRETTI - SharkPulse: taking the pulse of global shark populations


[17h39] Valentina CROBE - Molecular identification of endangered marine predators by barcoding ancient museum rostra of Mediterranean sawfish populations


[17h52] Pablo GARCÍA-SALINAS - Baselines for butterfly babies: towards a mediteranean study model


[18h05] Alina M. WIECZOREK - Using science fuel to drive a change: a case study involving microplastics, whale sharks and stakeholders in the Maldives


[18h18] Stefano MORO - Abundance and distribution of the white shark in the Mediterranean Sea


[18h31] Cat GORDON - Putting the spotlight on Mediterranean angel sharks


[18h44] Massimiliano BOTTARO - Reducing bycatch and mortality in the Med: the project proposal

eLIFE (elasmobranch low impact fishing experience)


[18h57] Awarding of prizes & closing remarks*