Dott.ssa Lorena POCHINI


Researcher in Biochemistry


Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 33C – floor 6

PHONE: +39 0984/496040





 - Heterologous expression (P. pastoris) and purification of human plasma membrane transporters of amino acids;
 - Proteoliposomes as tool for assaying membrane transporter functions and interactions with xenobiotics.
 - Transporter as drug target in anticancer therapy, Crohn’s disease, etc.
 - SLC38A9: the lysosomal sensor of amino acid levels involved in mTORC1 activation.
 - Structure/function studies on transport proteins;
 - Drug design: the effect of xenobiotic compounds on membrane transport protein activity.

Principal proteins under investigation:
 I) Carnitine Transporters: OCTN2, OCTN3, CACT
 II) Amino acid transporters: ASCT2, B°AT1, LAT1, ATB0+, SNAT9
 III) Organic cation and acetylcholine transporter: OCTN1
 IV) Sialic Acid transporter from bacteria SiAT





-          - Unit of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnologies Cubo 4C IV floor;
 - Unit of Molecular Biology and Microbiology Cubo 6C V floor.










 - Enzymology and Biochemical Diagnostics - Master Degree, Course in Biology

 - Advanced Molecular Diagnostics - Master Degree, Course in Biotechnology for Health

 - Biochemistry of the pathological states - First degree, Course in Biology