Dott. Leonardo BRUNO


Researcher in Botanics



Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 6/B – floor 5

PHONE: +39 0984/492964





Main contribution to science
My research interest has been directed towards the molecular and cytophysiological aspects of plant development and growth plasticity in response to environmental conditions
In particular, the attention was focused on:
- Meristem activity and leaf development in higher plants. In this context, many researches were addressed to investigate the expression pattern of homeobox genes and their role in cell totipotency in relation to biotechnological relapses;
-The role of ELONGATOR complex in cell proliferation and organs growth; the genes downstream the complex have also been investigated;
- Response mechanisms to biotic and abiotic stressful factors in relevant agronomic tree species, such as peach and olive. In this context, some specific genes involved in stress-related metabolic pathway have been characterized at the structural and functional level. Currently, other genes are under investigation.
The more recent activities are focused on epigenetic and chromatin-related control of plant growth plasticity and response to stress. Main attention has been payed attention to DNA methylation. These aspects have been investigated in a relevant component of marine ecosystem, such as Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile through MSAP approach. Currently, I am applying mutational approach and Next generation sequencing (NGS) to explore in Arabidopsis thaliana model plant the role of DNA methylation in modulating plant growth and development and its response under stress condition.




-          Lab. Plant Biology








 - Vegetable Morphophysiology and Adaptation Plants - Master Degree in Biodiversity and Natural Systems;
 - Vegetable Morphophysiology - First Degree Course in Biology;
 - Plant Biology II - First Degree Course in Technology and Biological Sciences;
 - Biotechnology for Environmental Management - First Degree Course in Technology and Biological Sciences.