Dott.ssa Elvira BRUNELLI


Researcher in Zoology



Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 6B – floor 0

PHONE: +39 0984/492996





 The research activities concern several aspects of Zoology that find their common denominator in the morphological, ultrastructural, and functional analysis. A twofold objective is achieved through the use of microscopic and molecular analysis methods:
  • Contribution to basic research (morphological and ultrastructural investigation of the epidermis, gills, and reproductive apparatus of Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish).
  • Development and validation of tools for assessing the risk of organic and inorganic pollutants in non-target organisms, with particular emphasis on aquatic species.






-          Laboratory of morpho-functional Zoology and Herpetology








  Head of the course of Biology (animal and plant) (Animal Biology Module -  Three-year Degree Course in Biological Sciences and Technology.
  Head of the course of Microscopy Techniques in Forensic Biology - Masters Degree in Biology.
  Head of the course on Animal Ecology and Nature Conservation - One-cycle Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences.