Prof. Pietro BRANDMAYR


Full Professor of Zoology


Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 4B – floor 3

PHONE: +39 0984/492978





Zoocoenoses and biomes of the Mediterranean countries. Mapping of animal diversity. Modelling faunal and environment relationships.  Fauna and environmental impacts. Faunal management in National Parks and Reserves. Head of the O.U. Fauna in the Progetto Strategico "Ambiente Calabria" of the Italian National Research Centre 1992-1996.
Adult and larval taxonomy of Carabid beetles. Presocial and predatory in Carabid beetles. Carabid beetles as indicators of human impact and in EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) procedures. Agro-ecosystems and impact of agro-chemicals on non-target species and food webs in sustainable agriculture.
Climate change and carabid species assemblages in the Mediterranean mountains and in the Alps. Forensic entomology. Research and monitoring of the Natura 2000 net in the National Parks of Calabria.
Nature Conservation in Mediterranean countries, forest biodiversity and conservation, saproxylic beetles as indicators.




Laboratory of animal biodiversity and applied zoology.

The Lab contains more sections: 1 – Zoocoenoses and animal biodiversity mapping. 2 – Morphofunctional entomology. 3 – Applied and forensic entomology 4 – Parasitolgy Lab. 5 – Ornitholgy and conservation. 




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Zoology I - First Degree Course in Natural Sciences

Ethology - First Degree Course in Natural Sciences