Prof.ssa Maria Carmela CERRA


Full Professor of Physiology


Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 6C – floor 2

PHONE: +39 0984/492907




 The morpho-functional cardiac plasticity of vertebrates

Chromogranin-A and its derived peptides as endogenous cardiac modulators in mammalian (rat) and non-mammalian vertebrates (fish and amphibians): basal cardiac effects and cardioprotection against myocardial stress (adrenergic and ischemia/reperfusion).

The NOS/NO system as a mediator of cardiac adaptation in vertebrates exposed to humoral (i.e. Natriuretic Peptides, Angiotensin II, catecholamines, Chromogranin-A derived peptides) and environmental stress (i.e. hypoxia-resistant teleost, Antarctic teleost, tropical Lungfish).

The cardiomodulatory and cardioprotective effects of humoral substances involved in the modulation of alimentary behaviour (i.e. GLP-2, Nesfatin-1, Phenexin-14), and of natural components of food (i.e. red wine polyphenols, fatty acids from olive oil).



 Organ and Systems Physiology







 Human Molecular Physiology - Master Degree in Biotechnology for Health

Cell and Systems Physiology - Master Degree in Pharmacy