Prof. Domenico MIRIELLO


Associate Professor of Minerarl resourches and mineralogical-Petrographoical Applications for the Environment and Cultural Heritage

 SSD: GEO/09

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 12B – floor 2

PHONE: +39 0984/493575






  • Mineralogical and petrographic applications to natural and artificial stone materials of the Cultural Heritage.
  • Archaeometry of ancient mortars and plasters.
  • Provenance of natural and artificial stone materials.
  • Mineralogical and petrographic applications for environmental monitoring.





Scientific director of the X-ray and Raman Spectroscopy laboratory of the University of Calabria. He also uses the following laboratories: Plasma Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (Scientific director Donatella Barca); Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory (Scientific director Rosanna De Rosa); Laboratory of Diagnostics and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage (Scientific director Mauro F. La Russa).
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  •  Analytical Techniques for Environmental Hazards and Cultural Heritage – Degree course on “Geological Sciences”.
  • Archaeometric Techniques Applied to Stone Materials – Degree course on “Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage”.