Dipartimento di
Farmacia e Scienze della Salute e della Nutrizione
Dipartimento di Eccellenza L. 232/2016

               Scientific Network In Collaboration With The Following Institutions Abroad
-Columbia University – Dep. of Chemistry - New York, USA
-University of Geneve – Dep. of Cell Biology -Switzerland
-Thomas Jefferson University - Kimmel Cancer Center – Philadelphia, USA
-University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, USA
-University of Jagiellonian – Institute of Zoology - Poland
-Iowa State University – Dep. of Biochemistry, Biofisics and Molecular Biology – Ames, USA
-King ’s College London – Dep. of Pharmacy – London, United Kingdom
-René Descartes University – Dep. of Pharmacy – Paris, France
-University of London - Imperial College - United Kingdom
-University of Birmingham - School of Medicine - United Kingdom
-University of Montpelier II – Dep. of Chemistry – Montpellier, France
-EMBL – Heidelberg, Germany
-TNO Nutrition and Food Institute – Utrecht, The Netherlands
-University of California Berkeley – Dep. of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, USA
-Complutense University, Madrid, Spain