Dipartimento di
Farmacia e Scienze della Salute e della Nutrizione
Dipartimento di Eccellenza L. 232/2016

  • Dipartimento di Farmacia e Scienze della Salute e della Nutrizione


Active Research Groups
Topics of scientific research
Cloning and expression of genes coding for mito chondrial carrier proteins.
Structural organization of genes encoding mitochondrial carriers.
Molecular characterization and chromosomal assignment of human genes encoding mitochondrial carriers
Retinoylation reaction on mitochondrial proteins and cells line.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Characterization of the neuropharmacological effects of bergamot essential oil.
Study of the involvement of GABA-B receptors in nicotine dependence and absence epilepsy.
Molecular Mechanisms underlying learning and memory.
General Physiology
The structure-function relationship in the vertebrate heart.
Cardiac functional adaptation to stress challenges.
Autocrine-paracrine function of the endocardial endothelium in the control of myocardial performance, including the role of nitric oxide.
Molecular mechanisms involve by steroids in cancer development.
Leptin, PPARg, food components and cancer.
Regulation of steroidogenic enzymes.
Identification of proteins and transductional pathways involved in   capacitation and acrosome reaction in human male gamete.
Analytical Chemistry
Definition of new analytical methods for pharmaceutical and biomedical systems by advanced instrumental techniques. Photodegradation and photostabilization of drug systems.
Organic Chemistry
Synthesis and biological activity of natural and modified peptides and oligonucleotides. Synthesis of enzyme inhibitors.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Synthesis of antiviral agents. Drug synthesis by biotransformation. Stereospecific synthesis and pharmacological activity of optically active drugs.
Pharmaceutical Technology
Controlled release systems of drugs. Macromolecular materials of biological interest.
Extraction, separation, identification and pharmacological activities of biologically active principles extracted from medicinal plants. Studies on natural and synthetic drugs.