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Farmacia e Scienze della Salute e della Nutrizione
Dipartimento di Eccellenza L. 232/2016

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Degrees of the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Nutritional Sciences
The University of Calabria since  the Academic Year 2010/2011 has offered to young students a new organization of the Courses of Study.
According to didactic arrangement reforms, the University may  assign first level titles (denominated "Degree"), which last three year, second level titles (denominated "Master's Degree"), which last five year and doctorates and specialization schools, achievable at the end of each course of study.
Therefore it is possible:
• to make the formative offer more flexible and articulated, thus maintaining elevated the quality of the studies and foreseeing numerous options in the choice of formative paths;
• to reduce dropouts especially during the first three years of course;
• to reduce drastically the amount of time to achieve the title of study.
The new organization of the didactics finds its point qualifying in the definition of the formative " credit ". A formative credit is the measure of the volume of work between lessons in the classroom, exercises, laboratory, individual study at home required for a student in possession of adequate preparation, to acquire the knowledge and the necessary competences. A credit answers to 25 hours of work (8 hours of lessons in the classroom or 12 hours of exercises) and 17 or 13 for self learning.
A full-time student in one Academic year earns a fixed limit of sixty credits, these credits equal to the amount of 1500 hours of work.
The credits  answer to a specific subject  and are gained after an exam. The evaluation of the exam is expressed in a scoring that goes from 18 to 30.
To achieve the Degree 180  formative credit are needed, while 300 formative credits are necessary to achieve the Masters Degree.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Tecnology
Nutritional Science


Nutritional Science

Medical Representatives and Health Products
Health Assistance (Inter-University Degree in collaboration with The University "Magna Graecia" of Catanzaro)