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Prof. Anna Franca PLASTINA



National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics (L/LIN 12)

National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics (L/LIN 02)

Doctoral Certificate in “Analysing Communication in Healthcare Settings”, Danish Institute of Humanities and Medicine, Aaalborg University, Denmark

Postgraduate Advanced Certificate in Education and Professional Development, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.

Certificate of English Language Teacher Trainer, NILE Institute & University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.

Master of Arts in Linguistics – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K.

Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics, University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K.

Certificate of EFL Teaching Methodology, University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K.

National Qualification as Secondary School Teacher of English Language and Culture

National Qualification as Middle School Teacher of English Language

Postgraduate Diploma in Italian Linguistics, University “La Sapienza”, Rome

Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Calabria

Secondary School Diploma, Melbourne, Australia.


professional experience

2018 - Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics

2005 - Assistant Professor of English Language and Linguistics

1999 - Adjunct Professor of English Language and Linguistics


Member of the International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare (IRCCH) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia; The European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), Associazione Italiana di Anglistica (AIA), International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics (ISAPL), Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) and of the Centre of Research in Language and Law (CRILL) at the University of Campania.


Member of EU and MIUR research projects;

Registered Expert Peer-Reviewer for Italian Scientific Evaluation (REPRISE) and PRIN projects;

Referee for leading international and national scientific journals and member of editorial boards;


managerial/department role

Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Coordinator of the local CLAVIER Research Unit

Link to: https://clavier.fileli.unipi.it/research_units/universita-della-calabria/

Coordinator of the research project on Specialised Language and Professional Discourse, ESP and English-Medium-Instruction (EMI), Plurilingualism and Linguistic Variation (ERC:SH4_6; SH4_8; SH4_11)

Member of the Committee for the English course degree in “Nutritional Sciences” (Department of Excellence Project)

Board Member of the PhD programme in Translational Medicine

Member of the Committee for Incoming Erasmus students

Member of the Department Council

Board Member of the Pharmacy Degree programme


research fields

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in professional and pedagogical domains

Specialised Discourse (health, medicine, nutrition, law, tourism) and its dimensions of diaphasia, diamesia and diastratia, especially in computer-mediated communication and social media environments

Genre, multimodal, psycholinguistic, pragmatic and corpus-assisted critical discourse analyses applied to the mediation of specialised discourses, their processes of popularisation and to the evolving processes of dissemination of scientific knowledge and pseudo-scientific information

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Cognitive Linguistics



Link to:

IRIS: https://iris.unical.it/browse?type=author&authority=rp39567&sort_by=2&order=DESC&rpp=100&etal=0&submit_browse


Orcid : http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8259-5161

teaching activity

ESP undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

Advanced Scientific English (CEFR B2) for Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Nutrition, Clinical Pathology;

Advanced Scientific English for PhD candidates;

English for Business Administration, Economic and Social Sciences, Tourism, Social Services Sciences, Political Science;

Supplementary English teaching activities for foreign students;

Supervisor of Bachelor and PhD theses.


ESP courses for teachers and translators:  

pre-service training for secondary school teachers (SSIS: School of Specialisation for English language teachers);

in-service training for English school teachers;

translation (Italian-English) for technical/scientific translators;


Language Training Workshops:

MIUR projects

EU projects (Turkey, Greece, Poland)


Teaching Unit

Lingua Inglese (CdL Magistrale in Farmacia) - English for Pharmaceutical Purposes

Link to: https://www.unical.it/portale/portaltemplates/view/view_scheda_insegnamento.cfm?71265&LANG=ITA&71265&LANG=ITA

Lingua Inglese (CdL Magistrale in CTF) - English for Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Link to:


Lingua Inglese (CdL Magistrale in SNM) – English for Nutritional Science

Link to:


Inglese Scientifico I & II – Scientific English I & II (School of Specialisation in Clinical Pathology and Biochemistry)

Link to: