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Prof Fiore Pasquale NICOLETTA



1988-1991 PhD in Physics at University of Messina in consortium with University of Calabria.

1984 Degree in Physics at University of Calabria.

1979-1984 Student at the Department of Physics of University of Calabria.

professional experience

From 02/10/2006:

Full professor of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, Health and Nutritional Sciences (DFSSN) of University of Calabria.

From 01/11/2002 to 01/10/2006:

Associated professor of Physical Chemistry at the DFSSN of University of Calabria.

From 01/09/1994 to 31/10/2002:

Researcher of Physical Chemistry at DFSSN of University of Calabria.

From 01/11/1991 to 31/10/1994:

Teacher of Physics and Mathematics and Physics in High Schools.

From 23/10/1986 to 31/10/1988:

Teacher of Mathematics and Physics and Sciences in High Schools.

managerial/department role

Coordinator of the study program in Pharmacy. Chair of the review board and educational organization in Pharmacy.

research fields

The research activity carried out by prof. Fiore Pasquale Nicoletta can be divided temporally into two periods. A first interval from 1983 to 1994, relating to the period of graduating and PhD at the Physics and Chemistry Departments of University of Calabria, in which he addressed the study of the structure and dynamics of liquid crystalline systems (uniaxial and biaxial lyotropic nematic phases, elastic response of cholesteric liquid crystals, structure of complexed metal liquid crystals) by 2H-NMR techniques, diffusion of light, neutrons, and RX. Subsequently, from 1994 to today relating to the period of researcher and, then, professor of the University of Calabria at the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies and Pharmacy and Health and Nutritional Sciences, the scientific interest turned towards the electro-optical, photochromic, electro-chromic and photo-electrochromic of polymeric films and liquid crystal dispersions in monomeric matrices (nematic emulsions) and in polymeric matrices (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals) and towards the preparation, characterization and applications of drug delivery systems.

The main research interests can be summarized as follows:

- Study of the chemical-physical properties of systems responsive to external stimuli, such as new systems for the controlled release of drugs.

- Phase diagrams of lyotropic systems and release properties of drugs loaded into them.

- New drug delivery systems.

- Electro-optical, electrochromic, photo-chromic and photo-electrochromic properties of polymeric films and crystalline liquid dispersions.

- Membrane separation and crystallization processes.






teaching activity

Professor of Biological Chemical Physics and Physics for the Master’s Degree Course in Pharmacy

Professor of Radiopharmaceuticals in Medicine for the three years Bachelor Degree in Scientific Information on Drugs and Health Products.


Teaching Units


Chimica Fisica Biologica / Biological Chemical Physics



Fisica / Physics



Radiofarmaci in Medicina / Radiopharmaceuticals in Medicine