2017-2023: National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in General and Clinical Pathology (06/A2)

2014-2020: National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor in Science of Health Professions and Applied Medical Technologies (06/N1)

2010: Ph.D in “Cellular Biochemistry and Drug Action in Oncology”, UNICAL

2003: Residency in Clinical Pathology, UNICAL

1997: Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, UNICAL  

Research and Professional Experience

2018 to present: Assistant Professor (RTD.B) in Clinical Pathology (MED/05), DFSSN, UNICAL

2008-2018: Clinical laboratory technician at the Health Center, UNICAL

2007-2008: Postdoctoral Fellowship, at the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Prof Suzanne Fuqua, Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA

2006-2009: PhD student in “Cellular Biochemistry and Drug Action in Oncology”, DFSSN, UNICAL

2004-2006: Research Fellow in General Pathology (MED/04), Dept. of Cellular Biology, UNICAL

1998-2003: Resident in Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Pharmacy, UNICAL

Research Activity

Main Research Interest

Role of Leptin and Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Cancer Initiation and Progression

Evaluation of the Potential Anticancer Activities of Natural or Newly Synthesized Compounds

Role of Nuclear Receptors (e.g. ERα, AR and Farnesoid X Receptors, PPARγ) in development and progression of endocrine related tumor

Mechanisms of Resistance to Endocrine Therapy in breast cancer

Aromatase Regulation in Testicular and Breast Cancer Cells

National and International Grants

2018-2022: Component research unit, (AIRC Investigator Grant, IG 2018, Id.21414): ”The Obesity Cancer paradigm: could adipocyte-derived exosomes be fueling breast malignancy?”

2018.2020: Responsible of the WP "Laboratory Diagnostics" of the "Mediterranean Diet & Swimming to optimize adolescent growth" project DI.ME.NU. POR CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020. ASSE I- PROMOZIONE DELLA RICERCA E DELL’INNOVAZIONE”

2016-2020: Component research unit (My First AIRC Grant, MFAG 2015, Id.16899) "Targeting Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5): a novel therapeutic strategy to overcome endocrine resistance in breast cancer?"

2011-2014: Component research unit (AIRC, IG 2011, id. 11595) “FXR ligands as novel agents able to inhibit breast tumor growth and progression”

2010-2011: Component research unit (PRIN prot. 2010NFEB9L) “Cancer, stem/progenitor cells and the tumor microenvironment: new networks to target”

2008-2010: Component research unit (PRIN prot. 20085Y7XT5) “Signal transductional pathways involved in testicular tumorogenesis: a step forward to novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies

Guest Editor

Special Issue "Leptin and Beyond: Actors in Cancer", Biomolecules (ISSN 2218-273X)


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Teaching Activity

2019 to present: Clinical Pathology, Degree in Pharmacy, DFSSN, UNICAL

2019 to present: Clinical Pathology, Inter-University Degree Course in Healthcare Assistance, DFSSN, Magna Grecia University of Catanzaro-UNICAL

2018-present: Member of the Teaching Board of the PhD Program in Translational Medicine- (DOT1305904), DFSSN, UNICAL

2018-2019: Biological effects of ionizing radiation and their consequences: radio-induced pathologies- diagnostic and epidemiological aspects, Master in Use of ionizing radiation and radiation protection, Dept. of Physics, UNICAL

2016-present: Organizational levels in laboratory medicine, Residency in Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry, DFSSN, UNICAL

2014-present: Dietetics principles, II level Master "Nutrition and Nutraceutical Integration”, DSSN, UNICAL

Teaching Unit

Clinical Pathology – Patologia Clinica course Link: (Degree in Pharmacy)