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Notizie Generali

The Center of High Performance Computing for Parallel and Distributed Processing has been established at University of Calabria, Italy, in April 2001. The main aim of the Center is to accelerate the effective exploitation of parallel of the potential performance of parallel computing systems in industry and research, and to raise the local and the national level of competence in High Performance Computing
More specifically, the Center represents a supercomputing center for the research, the applications and the transfer of advanced information technologies and methodologies to the scientific and productive reality, not only for what the fundamental and applied research is concerned, but also for support to technology transfer and consulting activity.

In particular, consulting is related to:

  • activities of complex organization and management, and transfer of innovative techniques to enterprises;
  • development of technological infrastructures such telecommunications and networking;
  • actions and initiatives with high social content (medicine, public administration, historical heritage, agriculture, tourism, advanced chemistry, environment).

In addition, the Center is of interdisciplinary nature, that is the already existing competencies in the University of Calabria will have the possibility of better integration and coordination.
Under this respect, two are the main activities to be performed in the Center:

  • development of applicative software of general interest, i.e. to be used within different disciplinary contexts;
  • realization of applicative projects by the different research groups joining the Center (design of parallel computing systems and algorithms, computational physics,
computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, simulation of complex phenomena); the different groups will make available their specific competencies and experiences in the field of high-performance computing, related to each different disciplinary framework

Under the viewpoint of the scientific equipments, the interdisciplinary collaboration will be achieved and promoted by the establishment of a network of parallel multiprocessor computing machines, all connected by. means of a high speed  network.

The Center will represent

  • represent the coordination of resources and competencies of the different scientific realities that are already active at the University of Calabria in the different fields of scientific and technical supercomputing,
  • promote the diffusion and dissemination of advanced techniques in the field of numerical computation and production of innovative instruments of interest for the technology transfer.

Interdisciplinary contributions of different kind will be also possible from other Universities of Calabria and other regions of Italy.
The Center will also give a significant support to the activities of the Scientific and Technological Park that is being located near the University of Calabria.
In summary, the main objectives of the Centre are the following:

  • to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the potentialities of computer systems based on parallel architecture;
  • to stimulate the communication between users in different areas in order to spread confidence and to highlight the possibilities and advantages of high performance computing;
  • to improve techniques and tools for high performance computing applications, regarding scientific and industrial fields;
  • to support technology transfer to     Under the viewpoint of the scientific equipments, the interdisciplinary collaboration will be achieved and
     the scientific community and industry, with reference to the know how of technology partners;
  • to promote educational and training courses (such as, Master, Ph.D. and Post-Doc), that will offer to graduate students the possibility to learn the fundamental aspects of research in high-performance computing and to collaborate with technology partners and end-users of high performance technology

Financed Projects


  • EGEE (Enable Grid for E-science in Europe – FP6)
  • (FIRB)
  • Parallel optimization methods and resource management through open source simulation software (FIRB).
  • Financial Optimization (CNR).
  • Stochastic Programming on computational grids (MIUR).
  • Financial planning under uncertain conditions (PRIN - MIUR).
  • General-purpose optimization software (FIRB).
  • WADI (WAter supply watersheD planning and management: an Integrated approach): HPC for water resource management.
  • Avviso 901: updating of HPCC’s campus grid.
Alarico - International Center for Technology and Innovation: international workshop on high performance and grid computing.


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