Centro di Eccellenza per il Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni

Centro di Eccellenza per il Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni
Università della Calabria
Via P. Bucci
Edificio Cubo 23B
Arcavacata di Rende (CS)

Immagine di Prof. Salvatore DI GREGORIO, Direttore

Direttore: Prof. Salvatore DI GREGORIO
Tel. 0984/494874
Email hpcc@unical.it


Sito Web http://www.hpcc.unical.it

The High Performance Computing Center for Parallel and Distributed Processing is a Center of Excellence that has been established at University of Calabria in April 2001. The main aim of the Center is to accelerate the effective exploitation of parallel of the potential performance of parallel computing systems in industry and research, and to raise the local and the national level of competence in High Performance Computing.
More specifically, the Center represents a supercomputing center for the research, the applications and the transfer of advanced information technologies and methodologies to the scientific and productive reality, not only for what the fundamental and applied research is concerned, but also for support to technology transfer and consulting activity.