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Guida ECTS - ECTS Guide
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SEZ.1-EN-10-ECTS Grading Tables

Incoming students, participating in the Erasmus+ programme at the University of Calabria, will have the ECTS/CFU credits earned in Italy transferred back to their Home University. After mobility an ECTS transcript with the academic results achieved by the student is issued to his/her home university that will be able to recognise the results obtained. Exams are certified according to the local grading system, which is a 30-point scale (marks range from 18/30, minimum mark to pass, to 30/30 cum laude), also the ECTS /CFU credits are indicated for the exams passed successfully. Credits reflect the quantity, while grades assess the quality of the completed work. In order to simplify the procedure of comparing and transferring grades, in a transparent way, from the University of Calabria to other European Universities and vice versa, grading tables are used. These include the percentage of students that, over the duration of the degree courses, have received “local grades” for each degree program or group of homogeneous programs offered by exchanging Universities. Link to our grading tables that have been organised according to Erasmus general ISCED subject codes: - ISCED 0100 and 0200 (Education, Humanities and Arts)- ISCED 0300 and 0400 (Social Sciences, Economics, Business and Law) - ISCED 0500 and 0600 (Science, Mathematics and Computing) - ISCED 0700 (Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction) - ISCED 0900 (Health and Welfare).

Grading T-ISCED 0100 - 0200 Grading T-ISCED 0300-0400
Grading T-ISCED 0500-0600 Grading T-ISCED 0700
Grading T-ISCED 0900
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