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"Epidemiology" Understanding the Coronavirus: Access to CLIL-Materials from Cambridge University Press

Dear Teachers

In light of the recent events surrounding the Coronavirus, I would like to share some CLIL-materials I had developed to help you teach upper secondary students some basic notions about epidemiology and how diseases spread.  

These CLIL-Modules are from the Cambridge University Press “Talent Series (Levels 1, 2, 3)”, in particular, “Talent Level-3 (CEFR level B2), and address the following notions:

  1. Travel and health: today we can travel far and fast, which, although very advantageous, is a concern when it comes to how far and fast infectious diseases can travel.
  2. Germs and resistance: a fun task to consider personal hygiene plus a warning regarding the development of drug-resistance when we misuse and abuse pharmaceuticals.
  3. Populations and epidemics: why “diseases which have travelled” may infect many, but not everyone.
  4. Epidemiology through numbers: the fact that infectious diseases often spread through “animal hop”, the transfer of disease between different species. The second page of this module addresses a different but important issue: since viruses and bacterial resistance evolves quickly and represent “acute problems” which probably go away soon, pharmaceutical companies are less interested in researching drugs for these “acute diseases”, preferring to research drugs for chronic diseases which, being chronic, sells more drugs for many more years.
  5. Art and mortality: how art was used during the plague to give illiterate peoples instructions for dealing with the dead (very important for containing infections!); how artists communicated the concept of “infections coming through infectious air” (very correct!).

In an ever-smaller world, we need to be "epidemiologically-aware": Please share this with whoever can reach students and let’s hope that this wave of Coronavirus news will be very short-lived! 


Although I have permission to share these for non-commercial purposes, I cannot do so for the audios, which, are excellent but not totally necessary for completion of the tasks.


Buon insegnamento!

Teresa Ting

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

The University of Calabria

LINK TO MATERIALS  (requires Gmail-enabled account)




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