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Call for Agri-Food Tech Startups

StartUp Initiative, in collaborazione con Future Food Institute, ha lanciato una nuova call for startup il cui focus riguarda l’ambito Agri-Food Tech.

Alcuni esempi di applicazioni target includono:
AGRICULTURE & FARMING (Precision Ag, Regenerative Ag, Organic fertilizers, Characterization of soil, Peri-urban and rural agriculture, Drones, Sensoristics, Harvesting & Destemming, Vertical/Urban farming, Hydro/Aero/Aqua-ponics)
MACHINERY & APPLIANCES (Connected machines, Automation & Robotics, Smart cooking, Embedded devices & IoT, 3D printing)
SAFETY & SECURITY (Inspection & Diagnostics, Natural Preservatives & Additives, Traceability, Quality control, Big Data, Bio-based packaging, Re-usable packaging, Active packaging)
NUTRITION & HEALTH (Next-wave protein sources, Functional foods, Novel foods, Superfoods, Eating Disorders & Special Diets, Natural Alternative Sweeteners and Salternatives, Seeds & Feeds, Closing Nutrient Loops, Zero-waste solutions, Waste management, Biodiversity)
USER EXPERIENCE (Mobile services, AR/VR, Distribution & Delivery, Marketing, Social fooding)
La scadenza per l’applicazione delle proposte è il 15 maggio 2019.

Fonte: Startup Initiative

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