Hosting Agreements for Researchers from Eu and Overseas

(Convenzioni accoglienza ricercatori extra UE)


Documents required to the apply for non-EU Researchers authorization (Nulla Osta)

(Made by the DEPARTMENT)


-Hosting Agreement Proposal (signed by Head of the Department)

-Signing of the Hosting Agreement (with original signature of the Researcher and the countersignature of the Rector)

-Accommodation contract from the University’s Residential Center in which certifies a lodging assignment for the Researcher

-Photocopy of the Researcher’s Curriculum Vitae

-Photocopy of the Researcher’s Passport

-Photocopy of the Researcher’s Stay Permit (if you already have it)

-Photocopy of the Researcher’s Tax Code (if you already have it)

-Researcher’s Degree Graduation Date (dd/mm/yy)

-Researcher’s Civil Status

-Researcher’s PhD obtainment (Issued by ____________ date _______)

-Declaration stating the Researcher’s work time in days with a two-year allowance (434 days)

-Two (2) €16.00 revenue stamp


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