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SUMMER SCHOOL: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

From the United States to Calabria to study Artificial Intelligence. Why students from all over the World come to the deep South of Italy?

A real school of Artificial Intelligence took shape at the University of Calabria, internationally awarded and led by Professor Nicola Leone.

For the students of Miami University, Ohio, it is the seventh year in a row: every summer they leave their campus to attend a Summer School in "Knowledge representation and reasoning" organized for them by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Calabria.  Many other exchanges also involve students, PhD students and professors coming from California, New Mexico, Florida, the state of Washington and Kentucky, or, to stay in Europe, from Oxford and Vienna.

 Miami University, located in Ohio (USA), with 16,000 of students enrolled, is known as one of the best American educational institutions boasting the third place in the national ranking for the quality of university teaching.

For this year, the large group of Miami University students led by Prof. Norm Krumpe, professor of Computer Science at the same university, will live on our campus for the whole month of June, attending 6-hour lessons daily in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science’s classrooms.

The Summer School course program will focus mainly on the representation of knowledge and problem solving through the Answer Set Programming, a powerful logical language that allows to model knowledge and common sense reasoning. Prof. Francesco Ricca is the scientific coordinator of the Summer School, and lessons will be held with the collaboration of Prof. Francesco Calimeri. Both professors are experts in knowledge representaion and automatic reasoning, and are part of the Artificial Intelligence research group led by Prof. Nicola Leone.

The partnership between Unical and Miami University is a well-established one, which has led to the organization of the Summer School for seven consecutive editions.

This shows the high international reputation that the research group led by Prof. Nicola Leone has in research and teaching in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the excellent work organization carried out by the Research Manager of the Department, Dr. Alessia Cosentino, with the help of Dr.Gianpiero Barbuto, Head of the International Relations Office. 

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