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A new logo for the Contamination Lab Cosenza

Among the 47 proposals received, the winner is Armone-Ranieri Team!

The winner of the Contamination Lab Cosenza contest for the logo’s selection is a team of young designers who have overcome the other competitors for the originality of the logo, winning the prize of 500€.

The event achieved resounding success among students, graduates and postdocs from different universities and institutes of higher education in art and music with 47 proposals for logos, some received from other regions. The list of participants is shown in the attached table, with the details of the eligibility criteria.

The Evaluation Committee (EC), consisting of three University communication experts, evaluated the eligible applications according to the following criteria: originality, brand awareness and communication effectiveness, flexibility of use and management. The EC admitted the five best proposals (the first one of Armone-Ranieri and, of equal merit, those of Rochira, Commodaro, Mauro and Laurito) to the final phase, and asked "designers" to fulfill specific requests of enhancement and/or integration. Interaction between EC and finalists was rich and lively and they all worked professionally on the preparation of the documents, supplying implementation models and accurate description of the concept. On the basis of the changes produced, the final classification was drawn up and the first-place was achieved by the Armone-Ranieri team.

The delivery of the prize and the official presentation of the logo will be organized soon …

... and in order to acknowledge a so broad and challenging participation, here is a gallery with all the logos submitted and a gallery with the logos of the finalists and the winner!

Congratulations to the Italo Armone and Costanza Ranieri team and to all the participants!