Health and Medical Insurance


Health and Medical Insurance
(SSN Card - Assistenza Sanitaria Nazionale)


In Italy there is a special service that offers medical care, through subscription to the Health and Medical Insurance (SSN Assistenza Sanitaria Nazionale).
This service is available also for foreigners citizens, with regular residence permit.
As all of you know, health and medical insurance is extremely important to help you be prepared for any emergencies in the future.
Starting the month of January, you may purchase health and medical insurance through a public service provided by the Italian government.
Once you enroll, this service will help you with any health issue you may encounter until the end of December of the current year.
The cost of the Health and Medical Insurance (SSN card) for the entire solar year (January-December) is 149.77 Euros.

With the SSN card of the “Health and Medical Insurance” you can receive the following benefits:

  1. GP: choose your personal doctor “Avere un medico di famiglia o un pediatra
  2. Free Hospital admission “Ricovero ospedaliero gratuito
  3. Drugs “Medicine e farmaci
  4. Ambulatory medical visits “Visite mediche in ambulatorio
  5. Visit to specialists “Visite specialistiche
  6. Home visits “Visite a domicilio
  7. Immunization “Vaccinazioni
  8. Check-up - blood test “Esami del sangue
  9. X-rays “Radiografie
  10. Ultrasound scans “Ecografie
  11. Rehabilitative care and prosthesis “Assistenza riabilitativa e per protesi
  12. Other services provided “Altre prestazioni previste

The process to enroll in the “SSN - Assistenza Sanitaria Nazionale” is the following:

1. Go to the Post office (in the Campus it is located in Piazza Vermicelli, after the cubes of the Departments of Engineering) and ask for a Postal form for Health and Medical Insurance “Bollettino Postale per l'Assistenza Sanitaria Nazionale”.

Fill out the form with the following information:

Conto Corrente # (CC): 16353872
Intestato a: ASP Cosenza
Causale: Assistenza Sanitaria
Cost: 149.77 euro
(See example of complete Postal Form)

2. With the receipt of payment, go to the ASP of Rende located near the cinema Garden (see the map), they will help you get your SSN card.

You must bring with you:

  1. A copy of your Residence Permit or the Receipt of the Post Office
  2. A copy of your “Codice Fiscale” (Fiscal Code)
  3. A copy of your Passport (only the page with all personal information and the Visa page).
  4. A copy of your Room Contract with the “Centro Residenziale” or a copy of your Enrollment Certificate.