NEW STUDENTS - Frequently Asked Questions



1.  I was admitted through the CALL FOR EXTRA-EU STUDENTS - A.Y. 2021/22, when can I officially enroll?

It is now possible to enrol in the degree programme you have been admitted to. You will have to pay the first tuition instalment (€ 16.50) no later than Saturday 18th September 2021 - See the enrolment Guide. Please note that your Esse3 username is your tax code "Codice fiscale" (16 alphanumeric characters) .

2.  I don't remember my password to access online student services on Esse3

  1. Go to
  2. From the top-right menu click on "Password dimenticata" then enter your "username Esse3"
  3. Access your personal email to recover your password

3. I don't know how to access my institutional email "":

After 24 hours, from payment of the first tuition instalment (€ 16.50), you can access your institutional email "":

  • Access the page ;
  • Login with username ( and temporary password (first five letters of the tax code, a dot and your University ID number, e.g. bcdfg.000000);
  • change the password by entering a strong personal password (between 8 and 16 characters, including upper and lower case letters and numbers);
  • synchronize the time zone according to your country of origin;

4.   I have completed my Universitaly pre-enrollment application, what is the next step?

You must wait until the University approves it. Afterward, you will be able to download your summary letter directly through Universitaly. Please note that you must upload all the documents you uploaded in your UnicalAdmission application.


5.   I cannot upload my documents on my pre-enrollment application, how can I solve this problem?

You must contact the Universitaly assistance


6. I want to edit my pre-enrollment application but I am not able to do it.

You must contact the Universitaly assistance


7.  When will classes start?

Classes will start after mid-September 2021 and physical presence in the classroom is mandatory. It is also mandatory to have the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate with double dose.


8. Is there an Italian course and any language support?
If your lectures are in Italian, there is a free Italian language and culture intensive course(80 hours). 
This course is MANDATORY for international students applying for a Study Visa, admitted to a degree course in Italian, and that do not have a B2 level Italian language certificationsee more info on the course Furthermore, there is English language tutor support available during lessons and exams in most courses, and the thesis can be conducted in English.


9.  I have been accepted without a scholarship, are there any other scholarship programs available? 

Candidates enrolled at the University of Calabria will be able to participate in the competition for the allocation of scholarships and services (accommodation and canteen), within the limits of the available resources, according to the provisions of the "Notice of competition for the assignment of benefits and the right to education services AA 2021/2022 " (Bando di concorso per l'assegnazione dei benefici e dei servizi del diritto allo studio A.A. 2021/2022), available on the website: starting from July 2021, as indicated in Art. 7 of the Unical Admission call Students will be able to participate in the aforementioned scholarship only after having officially enrolled at the university paying a 16.50 euro registration fee (see question 1) .


10. When should I arrive in Italy?

If you have been accepted WITH a scholarship, you could come from mid-September as it is written in your Summary Letter. We suggest you contact the Residential Center as soon as you are officially enrolled paying the 16.50 euros fee (see question 1), to arrange your arrival you MUST notify at least one week before arrival: and

If you have been admitted WITHOUT a scholarship and you will apply for the scholarship Diritto allo Studio (see question 9), you have 2 options:

  • Come to Italy from mid-September but you must consider that at that time the definitive list of students that obtain the scholarship Diritto allo Studio will not be published yet. Therefore, until the above list is not yet published, you must pay external private housing and meal costs at your own expenses;
  • Come after the Diritto allo Studio scholarship definitive list is published to arrange your accommodation within the campus in case you win it.

However, all students must follow the Covid-19 provisions taken by the Italian Ministry of Health and the University (ex. quarantine measures before entering the campus housing, covid test, and so on). Therefore, before coming to Italy contact the Italian Embassy/Consulate for more information concerning restrictions related to the pandemic.

To keep updated on the Covid-19 provisions taken by the University please visit regularly the following website:

11. How much are the tuition fees?

  • If you have a scholarship, tuition fees are waived. You have to pay only a 16.50 euro registration fee from September;
  • If you come from a country listed in the Ministry of Higher Education (MUR) poor countries, the tuition fees are waived. 
  • If you do not have a scholarship, tuition fees are calculated as indicated in Annex B of the Unical Admission call .

12. I have a scholarship, is the allowance a monthly stipend?

No, the allowance is for the entire 2021/2022 academic year.


13. I won a scholarship, does it cover my entire studies?

No, it covers this academic year (2021/2022). To apply for the next year's scholarship you must obtain at least 30 credits within August 10th, 2022. For further information, read the 2021/2022 Diritto allo Studio scholarship call.