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Strategic Lines

The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan for development goals with major investment in students and infrastructures.

The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan of the University of Calabria is the tool that outlines the guidelines for the development of the university in the three-year period.

This is an ambitious plan that includes major investment, with a special focus on students for the provision of education and services.

Specifically, by means of this plan, Unical focuses its three-year development strategy in five macro-areas.

The area of education and the area of research are the two pillars of the university system.

As far as training is concerned, one of the objectives of the university is to requalify and improve the attractiveness of its courses of study; innovate the quality of teaching; support students in obtaining their degrees within the prescribed deadline and help them access the employment market.

As far as research is concerned, the improvement of laboratories, and the reorganization of doctorates are planned along with a series of useful measures to enhance the quality of the studies produced, thus encouraging participation in competitive calls and collaborations between departments and internationally.

Training and research are naturally flanked by third mission and social commitment, as an area where initiatives aimed at strengthening ties with the territory and its social and cultural enhancement are cohesively and systematically developed. 

At the same time, the University of Calabria identifies two further objectives related to its feature as a Campus: the international area and the area of student services. The first includes goals and strategic actions that are intended to improve the position of the University at an international level. The second area, on the other hand, promotes initiatives aimed at supporting students in their university career, with particular reference to the provision of services, scholarships and benefits to access higher education.

The plan defines the lines of development for each of the five strategic areas, starting from the description of the current situation by means of an accurate analysis of the strengths and aspects to be improved in the subsequent three-year period, and organizing them into objectives and strategic actions through appropriate outcome indicators.

However, Unical's strategic objectives are not limited to the five areas mentioned above. To effectively pursue its development policies, the University believes it is essential to pay attention to some elements that act as enabling factors across the various areas. Unical has therefore categorized these enabling factors into four groups: efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative action, facilities and infrastructure, sustainability andcommunication. For each group, the plan again defines strategic actions, outcome indicators, responsibilities and resources.

«On the one hand, the achievement of these goals will require a joint effort of the academic community and an effective action of coordination and guidance of governance and managers. On the other hand - commented Rector Nicola Leone - it is clear that this is a brave plan, with considerable investment and which bets on the University's ability to be competitive and to carry out important works within a short time».

To ensure the effective implementation and utmost effectiveness of the actions outlined in the strategic plan, the University is equipped with a monitoring and review system that provides for periodic reporting on progress in order to identify any deviations between the expected results and those actually achieved and to suggest appropriate corrective actions, if necessary.