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Published May 1, 2021, 3:57 p.m.

FUTURE STUDENTS - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for new students

1. Is there an Italian course and any language support?
There is a free Italian language and culture intensive course (80 hours). This course is MANDATORY for
international students applying for a Study Visa, admitted to a degree course in Italian, and that do not have a
B2 level Italian language certification - see more info on the course. Furthermore, there is
English language tutor support available during lessons and exams in most courses, and the thesis can be
conducted in English.

2. Are there any other scholarship programs available?
Candidates enrolled at the University of Calabria will be able to participate in the competition for the
allocation of scholarships and services (accommodation and canteen), within the limits of the available
resources, according to the provisions of the "Notice of competition for the assignment of benefits and the
right to education services AA 2022/2023, available on the website: starting from July
2022. Scholarship covers the first academic year. To apply for the next year's scholarship you must obtain at
least 30 credits within August 10th, 2023.

3. How much are the tuition fees?
If you have a scholarship, tuition fees are waived. You have to pay only a 16.50 euro registration fee
from September;
If you come from a country listed in the Ministry of Higher Education (MUR) poor countries, you
have to pay only 16.50 euro. Moreover, the assessment of the economic condition is based on a
certification of the Italian representation in the Country of origin which certifies that the student does
not belong to a family notoriously of high income and of high social status. The abovementioned
exemption can be extended to the legal duration of the Degree Course, with a possible extension of
one year, provided that the student possesses, on 31 December following the last year of course, the
following credits: Three years’ Bachelor’s Degree: 130 CFU; Two years’ Master’s Degree: 72 CFU;
Five year’s one-tier Master’s Degree: 216 CFU.
If you do not have a scholarship, the economic condition of international students residing abroad is
defined through the indicator of the equivalent economic situation abroad (ISEE Parificato to be
requested in a CAF center in Italy) calculated as the sum of income earned abroad and 20 percent of
assets owned abroad. In the case the ISEE-U parificato is not available, the tuition fee payment is of
1,000.00 euros, to be paid later in instalments of which 16.50 euros at the time of enrolment.

4. I don't remember my password to access online student services on Esse3

5. When will classes start?
Classes should start after mid-September 2022 and physical presence in the classroom is mandatory.
6. If I have an Arabic passport how can I find out what my surname is?
When reading a passport written in Arabic, the full name of the passport holder usually consists of four
elements: name - father's name - grandfather's name - Surname. The name of the father and/or the name of
the grandfather can also be represented by the initial only. Please, see example photo.


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