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Intellectual property
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Intellectual property

UNICAL encourages the scouting, protection and enhancement of research results

Currently UNICAL has a portfolio with 40 patent families, including applications for filing of patents for inventions or utility models not yet titled, which can be classified on the basis of the relevant technological sector within the following 5 areas:

  • Area 1: ICT - Advanced Materials - Technologies and Aerospace (10)
  • Area 2: Health - Life Science - Medicine - Diagnostics - Demographic Change and Wellbeing (13)
  • Area 3: Agrifood - Bioeconomy - Food Security (2)
  • Area 4: Environment - Climate - Sea - Forest - Energy - Environmental Safety - Sustainable Mobility (14)
  • Area 5: Culture - Design - Made In Italy - Creativity - Tourism - Restoration (1)

Some patented technologies have already applied  in the operational environment: up to now UNICAL has signed 7 licenses to Unical spin-offs and 2 sales, in addition to numerous industrial collaborations and new research programs. In the last three years, in collaboration with the inventors and thanks to the strengthening of the TTO offices UNICAL has developed specific actions to accelerate the enhancement of inventions and to stimulate greater involvement of the inventors in the valorisation of their patents (by participating in B2B events, meetings with industrial partners, participation in seminars on intellectual property) with appreciable results.

The services provided by the Technology Transfer Office (Liaison Office) are:

  • mentorship to researchers in the coding of knowledge;
  • identification of results that can be protected through intellectual property rights;
  • assistance in the national and international filing phase of applications relating to intellectual property and in its prosecution;
  • management of intellectual property rights through specific agreements: confidentiality agreements (NDA), material transfer agreements (MTA), transfer of rights, licensing agreements, development of partnerships in R&D, networking with investors and industry;
  • diagnosis of the industrial property of local small and medium-sized enterprises.

Are you interested in collaborating with UNICAL? Please, email us.

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