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Didactic activities of the PhD courses

Didactic Catalog for doctoral training

Specialized and transversal activities for doctoral courses

The Catalog includes specialized and transversal courses delivered by professors of the PhD Programs or by specialised University Structures in the context of higher doctoral training.

It is designed to facilitate multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary doctoral training courses, coherently with the reorganization decree (DM 226 , December 14, 2021).

The activities, accessible to all students enrolled in research doctorates at the University of Calabria, contribute to the definition of the training plans that the doctoral students prepare in accordance with their Colleges.

The course sheets contain general information. Organizational information (calendar, delivery methods, ...) are available on the websites of the individual PhD courses.

The Catalog is operational starting from the XXXVIII PhD Cycle and is subject to periodic updating.

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