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Enrolments, educational paths and graduations

Information on entrance competitions in the first year up to the submission of requests to obtain the university degree certificates for all study careers.

icona amissioni

Admission procedures

Information on how to enroll in the first year of a Degree Course.

icona iscrizioni

Enrolment procedures

Procedures, schedules and fees for enrolment renewal procedures, for the shortening of the degree program or enrolment in single learning activities.

icona frequentare i corsi

Course attendance

Basic information about course attendance.

icona trasferimenti

Transfer and Course Changing procedures

Procedures, schedules and fees for course changing and transfer.

icona riprendere gli studi

Interruption and return to study

Procedures, schedules and fees for the suspension, withdrawal and resumption of the university career and to obtain the recognition of credits after the loss of student status.

icona tasse ed esoneri

Tuition fees and exemptions

Fees, exemptions and deadlines for students enrolling in a degree course in the academic year 2022/23.

icona pergamene

Certificates and degree certificates

Procedures to apply for certificates and degree certificates.

icona sport dual

Student/Athlete Dual Career

Sports and education champions, at UniCal you can.

icona carriera alias

Alias career

In order to promote the well-being of transgender students, the University of Calabria has established the Alias Career.

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PA 110 e lode

Formazione per dipendenti pubblici