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Living on Campus

The largest and best equipped Campus in Italy is organized as a residential campus for both students and professors, and has top quality cultural, sports and health facilities.
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The University of Calabria is one of the most important and dynamic universities in Italy; studying here is an extraordinary educational and human experience.

The largest and best equipped Campus in Italy stretches over an area of about 200 hectares, among the hills of the valley of the river Crati and it is located in the urban area of Cosenza and Rende

UniCal is one of the largest educational and service infrastructures in Italy and in the south of Italy.

The ‘backbone’ of the Campus is the Bridge designed by Vittorio Gregotti; the Cubes, hosting Departments, lecture theaters and seminar rooms and all the other facilities of the Campus, are connected to the sides of the bridge.


Campus Residences

The Campus residence “Quartieri” of the campus are open to the territory, also accessible by users outside the University. Besides student accommodation, there are facilities for cooperative study, leisure and sports activities, as well as catering services (canteens).

Mensa Martensson: espositore

Canteen services

Canteen services are ensured all the year round; they provide about one million meals and offer different types of menus: low-calories, vegetarian, international, traditional and diversified meals.



The largest library system of the South of Italy with 800 reading seats and digital services for books and periodicals in paper or digital format.

Sistema Museale

Museum hub

Environmental education and research on natural and man-made systems are ensured thanks to the museums of the University.

Teatri e Cinema

Theaters and cinemas

The Campus of culture offers all year-round theatrical performances, festivals, cultural events and concerts in 2 theaters, 2 cinemas and 2 outdoor amphitheaters.

Centro linguistico

Language Centre

The Language Centre provides a wide and rich range of language services for students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as for companies and entities in the area.

centro sanitario foto

Health Centre

The Health Center is a unique healthcare model specifically devoted to students, University staff and people living in the area.

Centro Sportivo

Sports Centre

The Campus hosts a well-equipped University Sports Centre where students, staff and people from the area can practice sports activities at amateur and competitive levels.

Centro Congressi

Convention Center

Un sistema per la convegnistica attrezzato per svolgere conferenze, seminari, mostre e incontri di ogni tipo e numerosità di partecipanti.

Polo d'Infanzia

Infants Center

Una struttura pressoché unica per i bambini e le bambine da 3 mesi a 6 anni e per l'intera comunità di docenti, personale, collaboratori e studenti dell'ateneo.

Guest quarters

The apartments used as guest quarters are a service for all those who have a relationship with the University.