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Welcome Office of the University of Calabria (UNICAL) warmly welcomes all international students who wish to study in our Campus. The staff is proud to introduce the University campus context, where the Italian and foreign students can enjoy an interesting cosmopolitan and multicultural life experience; thereby taking full advantage of all university facilities provided by UNICAL during the study period.
      The Welcome Office staff helps students and professors who want to visit, study and teach at UNICAL. the Welcome Office also supports International students and visiting professors, invited by UNICAL, within bilateral agreements for various International mobility projects. Incoming International exchange students are selected on the basis of scholarships and bilateral agreements between UNICAL and their home Universities. The staff of Welcome Office offers a number of special services of tutoring including the pick-up of students, researchers and visitors arriving at UNICAL. Furthermore, they will be introduced to all the Services of the Campus. The staff will be a constant reference point for foreign, international exchange students, the solution of all practical, administrative and logistics problems that may happened during their stay in Calabria.

Welcome Office in particular provides:
  • Pickup Service
  • Stay Permit
  • Tax code “Codice Fiscale”
  • Health/Medical insurance
  • Internet access on Campus
  • Information about Italian Language courses, scholarships
  • etc....
 You may contact us by mail to welcomeoffice@unical.it 


  • Agreements and networks
  • Academic Experience
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Opportunities for international teaching and research staff
  • Meetings
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