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University Library System
The Library System of the University of Calabria is basically made up of three Area Libraries, or Interdepartmental Libraries: the Humanistic Library (BAU), the Technical and Scientific Library (BATS) and the Interdepartmental Library of Economic and Social Sciences. The Library Automation Office completes the Library System of the University.
The building hosting these facilities was inaugurated by the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi on 7th February, 2001.
The Humanistic Library (BAU), established in 1986 and named after Francesco Ernesto Fagiani, Professor of Moral Philosophy, was formed through the merger of the collections of the Departments of the Faculty of Humanities (Archaeology and History of Art, Philology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Education Sciences and History) and a large part of the book patrimony of the former Central Library.
Its collections currently amount to nearly 240,000 bibliographic units, including 30,000 bound periodical volumes, as well as several electronic magazines, on-line and off-line textual and bibliographic databases, a catalogue of microforms and a sizeable collection of audiovisuals that may be consulted at the Multimedia Library.
The Technical and Scientific Library (BATS) is the youngest of the three Area Libraries. Established in 1999, it started its institutional activity in March 2001. It has merged the collections of the Libraries of 12 Departments, namely the Departments of Cell Biology; Chemistry; Soil Conservation; Electronics, Computer Science and Systems (D.E.I.S.); Ecology; Physics; Chemical Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanics; Land-Use Planning; Earth Sciences; and Structures.
The BATS collection consists of approximately 115,000 volumes, as well as 2,552 periodicals, 810 of which are subscriptions.
The Interdepartmental Library of Economic and Social Sciences was formed in 1981 from the merger of the libraries of the former three Departments of Political Economy, Business Organisation and Public Administration, and Sociology and Political Science. In 1987 it was named after the economist Ezio Tarantelli, killed by the terrorist group Red Brigades.
The Library holds over 175,000 books. Available periodicals amount to 1,300, of which 400 relating to economics and statistics, 350 to sociology and politics and 550 dealing with law and business.
All Libraries have self-service facilities and users have direct access to shelves and computers. A magnetic card enables students, researchers or any other visitor to the three libraries to access all available services.
Along with these three physical facilities, a Digital Library has been developed by the University over the last few years. This Library is managed by the Library Automation Office (UAB), and includes periodicals, databases and full-text electronic books. The new portal of the University Library System enables users from any spot of the Campus, or from home, to browse through an extensive collection comprising over 12 thousand electronic magazines of the major Italian and foreign publishing houses, advanced scientific databases, as well as an on-line catalogue of 5 thousand full-text volumes, which is rapidly growing each year. 
The Library Automation Office provides the University Libraries with the main automation services.
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