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The tax code or "Codice Fiscale" is a personal identification document

The tax code in Italy is an alphanumeric code which identifies a person unequivocally in all relations with the authorities and public administrations. If you reside in Italy you need the your tax code for:

  1. enrollment at the University,
  2. open a bank account
  3. enable the health card
  4. activate a sim card for mobile phones
  5. other .  .  .  .


Request tax code "Codice Fiscale" at the Italian Diplomatic Representation

Any person, irrespective of his/her citizenship, who need the tax code, “CODICE FISCALE” may request it at the diplomatic representation in their country. Remember to ask at the italian Diplomatic representation in your country for the tax code. When you ask for your Visa at the italian diplomatic representation, you can also ask for the tax code.


Request tax code "Codice Fiscale" at the University of Calabria

Foreign students who arrive in Italy without the Tax Code for enrollment at the University of Calabria must to ask the Tax Code by contacting the Welcome Office to complete the application for assignment of the number of the tax code: you have to write the Surname and Name of the applicant, the date of birth and the Country of birth, place of residence and address in Italy. The page of the application of attribution number of the tax code already printed with a copy of your Room Contract with the “Centro Residenziale”, a copy of the first page of your passport and a copy of the Visa will be presented to the office of the Italian Revenue Agency(“Agenzia delle Entrate”) located in Secretary of students (Area Didattica), ground floor (Thursday, from 9:00 to 13:00).

The Italian Revenue Agency (“Agenzia delle Entrate”) issue immediately a certificate of the Tax code to the applicant.

Important: If you also need the plastic card, you must request it to the office of Italian Revenue Agency before the issuance of the certificate of the tax code. After one month, the plastic card will be sent at the “Centro Residenziale - Settore Benefici e Servizi - Ufficio Servizi alle Residenze" (telephone number: 0984/495060).