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Stay permit for non-EU citizens

If you are Non-European citizen and you wish to study in Italy for more than 90 days, you must apply for a stay permit in order to stay in Italy legally with your visa issued by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in your country. Within 8 days of your arrival, you must apply for a study stay permit.

Renewal Stay Permit: To renew the Stay permit you must apply by the Kit, 60 days before expiry



Procedure for obtaining a stay permit (within 8 days of the arrival)

Fill the Kit Stay Permit
For the release of Stay Permit is required to fill the Application forms "MODULO 1" (see the facsimile) in the kit for “Stay Permit” (see the facsimile) available at Post Office in the Campus ("Piazza Vermicelli", after the cubes of the Faculty of Engineering). The staff of the Welcome Office, will help you to fill the Kit Stay Permit. As soon as possible go to Welcome Office, be sure to bring with you:

  1. Kit for "Stay Permit"
  2. a stamp “marca da bollo” from 16,00 Euros
  3. a copy of your passport in all its parts
  4. a copy of your Room Contract
  5. a copy of the Unical acceptance letter or of other grant you may have.
  6. a copy of your health insurance, (in the case of the first application of the Stay Permit only if your Visa lasts less than one year).

Hand over the Kit Stay Permit
Later you have to deliver personally the “kit Stay Permit” all compiled, with the “Bollettino Postale”, and bring at the Post Office in the Campus, in order to have the appointment with the "Sportello Immigrazione della Questura di Cosenza: Via Domenico Frugiuele, 8 - 87100 Cosenza”.

The operator of the Postal Office will give you:

  • the Receipt to be retained eplaces the Stay permit until it will be issued by the Police. Upon the receipt are printed two personal identification codes (user ID and password) where you can know the status of your application. Remember not to lose this receipt.
  • the same date of the “reservation date” you have to go to the "Sportello Immigrazione della Questura di Cosenza: Via Domenico Frugiuele, 8 - 87100 Cosenza"


  • Euro 16,00 for stamp “marca da bollo”
  • Euro 30,00 for Kit Stay Permit
  • Euro 30,46 for the electronic card