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What should I do to enroll in a 2nd Cycle Degree (Laurea Magistrale) at the UNICAL
On www.unicaladmission.it a call for applications by international students offered to international students who wish to be enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale (2nd Cycle Degree) is published for the academic year of 2013/2014 - Deadline: April 04, 2016.

Is the filling of the application sufficient for enrollment?
International students not proceeding from European Union including those who will be awarded the scholarship, must follow the pre-registration and registration procedures required by law - see more information.

In which language are the lectures?
The lectures are in Italian, but for International students an intensive course of Italian language and culture (80 hours) is offered free of charge. In most courses tutor support during lessons and exams in English when possible. Furthermore thesis can be submitted in English.

What are the main scholarships offered to foreign students?
Unical Admission Scholarship: every year 80 scholarships are offered to international students enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale (2nd Cycle Degree). They consist of free services by its Residential Center, including board and lodging for the period of the degree course (at least 2 years). More info including renewal conditions: www.unicaladmission.it
Scholarship offered by the Residential Center: All international students enrolled at Unical may participate in the selection of scholarships offered by its Residential center. The scholarships provide free room and board, tuition free, and a small stipend for personal expenses. The selections take place, primarily, on the basis of economic need. The scholarships last one academic year and can be renewed - see more info.

What are the costs of a foreign student who wants to enroll at Unical?

  1. Lodging: 140/170 euros per month
  2. Board: 4,18 euros per meal
  3. University tuition: from 370 euros per year plus a small fee based on income situation of your family
  4. Stay permit (if foreign Extra EU – see more info): around 150 euros per year
  5. Health insurance: between 100 and 150 euros per year
  6. Travel expenses

What documents need to be uploaded in the application form on www.unicaladmission.it?
Your CV with passport size photo, University transcript with grades and syllabus of courses in English, any specification of the total credits required for graduation and any other documents considered useful in the selection process. All the previous documents need to be uploaded in a single PDF file (max upload 2 PDF files).

I am having trouble filling out the application form on unicaladmission.it

  1. Fill in all the required fields
  2. You have to upload all your documents in a single PDF file (max upload 2 PDF files)

What is the pre-registration at the Italian diplomatic representation in your country?International students wishing to study in Italy must complete the Pre-registration process at the Italian diplomatic representation (Embassy, Consulate, or Cultural Institutes) in their country. Usually the pre-registration deadline is around the month of June, but it is recommend to inquire at the Italian embassy in student's country, to ask for the specific calendar - see more information.


For further information feel free to contact the Welcome Office
to welcomeoffice@unical.it or visit our website