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The University of Calabria offers 80 scholarships to foreign students who have a bachelor degree or with an academic record considered equivalent by the Faculty, are enrolled in Second Level Degree courses.

The University of Calabria count with 14 Departments and almost 80 degree courses.

The teaching staff is composed by more than 900 professors - including full professors, associate professors, researchers and assistant researchers.

The administrative staff includes more than 750 personnel.


         This University is one of the few residential university campuses in Italy and one of the largest one. Management and services, which include accommodation and leisure facilities to students, are provided by the Centro Residenziale. In the residential area, relevant centers are located such as the Sports Centre, the Health Centre, and the Centre for Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Moreover, there is a Radio and Television Centre, the University Press, the Language Centre and several other interdepartmental centers.

        The University Library is one of the largest and unique libraries in Southern Italy. It offers a wide range of materials in three different sectors: the scientific, the humanistic and the social-economic sectors. Besides, its attractive interior provides students with pleasant and comfortable study areas.

         The academic departments strongly focus their attention to research, which is carried out at national and international level. Besides, they offer postgraduate programs in several fields of studies, thus offering opportunities of academic development for younger generations.

       Research is often financially supported by organizations which are external to the university. Indeed, the University of Calabria provides scientific backup for many projects in the Region of Calabria. These projects are often developed in collaborations with other prestigious institutions. As a matter of fact, the University of Calabria is making great efforts to promote the development of the region both at the national and international level.

          This innovative academic environment is proving to be a successful and ever growing reality in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean area which has been attested to by a recent CENSIS survey. Indeed, the University of Calabria has been ranked in the first places among the medium-sized universities (20000-40000 students).